Epic Active Tour - Full Carbon

Price: £340


The Epic Active Touring paddle is a noticeably versatile paddle designed to create a smooth, powerful stroke. It also performs well in flat-and open-water racing for those who opt not to use a wing paddle.

The full carbon paddles benefit from the same foam core as the signature hybrid blades butbeing 100% carbon fibre they are extremely lightweight and rigid. The blades themselves are clear black carbon finish.

All Active Touring Paddles come standard with Length-Lock™ technology. The paddle is available in three length ranges




Blade Width: 7.1" (18 cm)
Blade Length: 18.7" (47.5 cm)
Surface Area: 106 in2 (685 cm2)

Details and Pricing
Full Carbon
24 oz (680 grams) £340

Length:200-210 cm 205-215 cm 210-220 cm 215-225 cm


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