Quadrathlon Kayaks

A relatively new addition to the scene, quadrathlon provides the crossover for many athletes into the kayak world for the first time. As newcomers, the choice of kayaks is bewildering from both Epic and Nelo. Here are our tips to help you choose a kayak in order of importance.

  1. You must be able to keep it upright! Seems obvious but too many people choose kayaks above their ability. Kayaks are not he same as cycles. The bike used by Lance Armstrong can be ridden by pretty much anyone. The kayak used by Tim Brabants is hideously impractical for all but the specialist!
  2. You must be able to steer it! Buying a kayak with no rudder is like riding a uni-cycle on the cycle leg. Just donít do it.
  3. Weight is an issue. Not to the extent that it is in cycling but anything over about 15kg is going to be slower. Plastic kayaks are not a realistic option. There is a time and place for Tupperware and this is not it!
  4. The kayak should be capable of handling the water conditions you expect to face.
  5. The kayak should be designed for speed. Racing a short, fat, wide kayak is like riding a Raleigh Chopper on the cycle leg. Your choice!

We are happy to advise on kayak choice and you are welcome to come and try any demo kayaks we have in stock. We also have plans to run training days for quadrathletes and clubs are welcome to contact us to arrange these days.

Multisport athletes who have to divide their time between sports should also consider looking at the kayak ergos as a training option.

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Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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