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Ultimate kayaks is a new company providing wholesale and retail of two of the worlds top brands in composite material kayaks namely Nelo and Epic. Owned by Ivan Lawler, himself a multiple World Champion:

  • 1990 Poland 10,000 metres
  • 1992 Brisbane Marathon
  • 1993 Denmark
  • 1994 Amsterdam
  • 1996 Sweden
  • 1998 Capetown
  • 1999 Hungary

and three times Olympian the aim is to supply people who are serious about their sport and leisure with the best and most suitable equipment available.

Why Nelo and Epic?

Both Nelo and Epic are truly innovative companies, both use in house designers with proven track records to produce the finest boats available on the market. Both are backed by elite athletes in the field to give feedback from a userís point of view to supplement the scientific design process. Anyone in the world of canoe/kayak will know how much equipment is copied and reproduced. At Ultimate we are proud to supply the originals, designed by the experts and fine tuned by the elite.

Over the next year we hope to develop a network of retailers who buy into our ideals and make both brands available and accessible around the country.

Though Ivan is an ex athlete, he is, in his old age, seeing the beauty of kayaking for fun, here at Ultimate we stock boats suitable for all abilities and ambitions. If you can't get the most from kayaking in a boat from Ultimate then you are missing the point.

Our site is aimed at narrowing down the range of boats available to you depending on the discipline you are aiming at, hence if you look at the Adventure kayaks section you will not find racing K1s. This is only to help you choose an appropriate boat for your chosen event and it is only our opinion. Feel free to browse the whole site and maybe you will have your eyes opened to disciplines you had not even considered before. There is a lot of fun to be had out there!




1999 - 2





Feature Product

Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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