Racing Kayaks

We are often asked which the fastest kayak is. The simple answer is the kayak in which you are the most comfortable. Nelo have a proven track record and the Olympic medals to back any of their claims, currently the undisputed choice of champions. Epic have one of the most respected designers in Ted Van Dusen whose kayaks dominated the scene before the old width restrictions were removed. The Epic range represents his return to the scene under the new rules and showed well in Athens with Josefa Idem taking a silver medal in the Legacy.

When choosing your kayak it is essential you understand your own abilities, sacrificing stability for speed is counter productive if you are upside down or canít apply maximum power! The Nelo range of mastersí kayaks is a very attractive and sensible option for both the old timer and the newcomer who want to enjoy their racing without the knife-edge experience!

Feature Product

Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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