Adventure Kayaks

These races bring their own unique challenges to kayak sport; the range of conditions is as vast as the range of ability. Knowing your own abilities is really essential in this arena where a bad choice of kayak is not only slow and uncomfortable but could be dangerous. Fatigue is probably the one factor to consider more in this discipline than any other. The compromise between speed and stability is particularly difficult. Our advice in order of importance is

  1. There should be no doubt the kayak is comfortably stable. Remember a kayak that feels stable when you are fresh can feel very different after several hours of exercise!
  2. You must be able to steer it. A kayak without a rudder is completely ridiculous!
  3. It must be robust enough to take the knocks. Damage to kayaks is far more likely when you are tired.
  4. The kayak should be capable of handling the water conditions you expect to face as a worst case scenario.

We are happy to advise on kayak choice and you are welcome to come and try any demo kayaks we have in stock. We also have plans to run training days for adventure racers and clubs are welcome to contact us to arrange these days

Multisport athletes who have to divide their time between sports should also consider looking at the kayak ergos as a training option.

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