Josefa Idem

Nominee: Tony Waszkiewicz

Country: Germany/Italy

Year: 197? - 2012

Olympic Medals:
Gold - 1
Silver - 2
Bronze - 2

World Medals:
Gold - 5
Silver - 9
Bronze - 8



Competing at the top level for decades and winning a medal at the age of 47. Eighth Olympics coming up! This actually makes her the only woman in any sport to have reached 8 OLympic Games. In fact it makes her the only person in a self propelled sport to reach this milestone, the only people to have exceeded this number compete in either equestrian, sailing or shooting. The closest any other woman has come to this acheivement was Merlene Ottey who came very close to qualifying for Bejing. Jeannie Longo the French cyclist is also sitting at 7 appearances so far but at the age of 54 probably is now out of the running for London 2012.


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