Lars Koch

Nominee: Ivan Lawler

Country: Denmark

Year: 1980s-1990s

Olympic Medals:
Gold -
Silver -
Bronze -

World Medals:
Gold - 3
Silver - 1
Bronze - 0



To my mind Lars was the best and most intelligent back man in marathon racing. As well as being a great athlete he always knew what to do and when to do it making him probably one of the toughest people to race. Racing with Thor Neilson ,a legend in his own right, Lars was sometimes overlooked but he is one person you could never count on beating. Aggressive to the right degree and always ready to turn the screws when he saw you suffering. His low World Medal count is primarily due to the Marathon World Champs only becomming official in 1988. He won all three that he competed in! 2 in K2 and then as a K1 in Amsterdam when semi retired ! He also won a silver medal in the 10k in Duisburg 1987 which shows how he was also capable of mixing it with the faster guys. Lars was as close to unbeatable on the distance events as you can get, definately top of the list of people I would like to have raced with.


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