Manuel Busto

Nominee: Dave Francis

Country: Spain

Year: 2000-Current

Olympic Medals:
Gold - 0
Silver - 0
Bronze - 0

World Medals:
Gold - 10
Silver - 3
Bronze - 1



Busto burst onto the international scene in 2000 winning the K1 World Marathon Champs....his tactic, to basically go so hard at the front that he exhausted everyone else. It meant that the tactical masters, such as Ivan, couldn’t dictate the race as they had done previously. It wasn’t that Busto was lacking in the ‘burn’ department, like Lance Armstrong, he just enjoys the pain more than most!. From that first win, Busto went on to become the first, and still the only male marathon paddler to win K1 and K2 at the same championships. 10 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze, and he isn’t finished he actually crossed the line first in k1 2003 but was disqualified. Hard to see anyone ever beating this record. Rumour has it that the reason he gets through so many K2 partners is due to Busto’s refusal to ‘settle the pace’ despite being way out in front! Some have thrown down their paddles mid-race....


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