Thor Nielsen

Nominee: The Danish National Team

Country: Denmark

Year: 30

Olympic Medals:
Gold - 0
Silver - 0
Bronze - 0

World Medals:
Gold - 4
Silver - 3
Bronze - 2



Thor Nielsen is an obvious candidate for the Hall Of Fame. He started paddling rather late, but still has one of the most impressive results-records in the world. With 9 medals from worlds, 4 gold medals from Marathon World cup, 61 National victories, Winner of Tour De Gudenaa(120Km) 12 times, the only result Thor is missing in his great list, is an Olympic medal. Many years Thor Nielsen raced in one of the history's greatest K2-1000m with Jesper Staal. Thor is a beast in the boat. He has started his 6th. world tour with 230.000km, and is still in his boat as much as possible. As we all know Thor is still the reigning World Champion on K1-10.000 from 93'. Thor is still going very fast and is now coach for the Danish National Team


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