Nelo Surf Ski

The Nelo Skis were first exposed to the Ski World at the Dubai Shamaal in December. Though they generated a lot of interest the paddlers using them were the flat water muppets so it was tough to judge exactly how succesful they were. The general feeling was that until someone of proven quality used one then there was really no way of knowing.....Step up Tim Jacobs! Tim has won the Shamaal for the last two years paddling the Epic V10 Elite and is one of the big names in the Surf Ski world. At the recent Sydney Bridge to Beach event Tim chose to race the Nelo. For Nelo this represents their first step toward real recognition. Tim finished third to Jeremy Cotter and Caine Eckstein but the fact that he was prepared to try the ski is significant in itself. An athlete of that quality will certainly have practiced in the ski before the race and clearly decided he liked it enough to give it a go. I am sure he will have some suggestions for Nelo as regards improvements and Nelo will respond to those suggestions as it has done in the flatwater world so successfully.

With the European Surf Ski events increasing by the day it is looking pretty good for Nelo who already have the credibility and the quality to supply this emerging market!

Feature Product

Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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