Circumnavigation of Austrailia

Many of you will have seen the disturbing documentary on the fatal attempt to paddle from Australia to New Zealand. It seems some people are wired very differently to others! A similar “Epic” feat is currently being attempted in the same area. Freya Hoffmeister is already on her way to an attempted circumnavigation of Australia! The journey is planned to take almost a year and she hopes to beat the previous attempt of which there has only been one successful. It is not Freyas first major circumnavigation she has already successfully made it round Iceland and the Southern Island of New Zealand, which probably shows that in terms of sanity she is not making great progress!

15000km in one year seems pretty ambitious to me but that is exactly what Freya is attempting in her Epic 18X. It is interesting that she has chosen the 18X over all the traditional boats for the record attempt and goes some way to showing how the new shapes are making inroads into a traditional market. Her journey will take her from Melbourne to well…. Melbourne via some of the most rugged coastline in the world. Though she will be able to come in to shore most nights there will be some stages where she will be confined to her boat. There are 3 sections of cliffs over 100 miles long where the previous attempt had some non stop paddles of 34hrs using drugs to stay awake and stop bowel movements! (Does all this sound a bit much?) The stages of the trip are

1.Melbourne/ Queenscliff - Sydney: 1093 km
2.Sydney - Brisbane: 884 km
3.Brisbane - Mackay: 971 km
4.Mackay - Cooktown: 871 km
5.Cooktown - Weipa: 1001 km
6.Weipa - Goove: x-ing Gulf 561 km (or 1694 km into Gulf)
7.Gove - Darwin: 840 km
8.Darwin - Broome: 1480 km
9.Broome - Onslow: 956 km
10.Onslow - Kalbarri: 889 km
11.Kalbarri - Perth: 580 km
12.Perth - Esperance: 1077 km
13.Esperance - Eucla: 773 km
14.Eucla - Victor Harbour: 1253 km
15.Victor Harbour - Melbourne/ Queenscliff: 805 km

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